SHIGA: Sili sa Higaonons

At first you’d think SHIGA is an imported product. It’s minimalist packaging is an attention-getter. Who would have thought SHIGA means Sili sa Higaonons. Take this from me: I’m a fan of SHIGA and has even sent bottles abroad to my fiancée. I spoke to Mildred Borja, SHIGA’s Marketing Manager at the recently concluded Kahimunan

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7 Must-Buy Holiday Goodies in Cagayan de Oro

Thinking of doing your last minute shopping while in Cagayan de Oro? The holidays can be overwhelming plus the traffic jams, it’s best to plan out what to buy this Yuletide season! Here’s a list of your must-buy goodies for the holidays: 1. Jr. Ni Manoy at Manoy’s Boneless Lechon. This Cebu-style boneless lechon belly

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