Twelve candidates spiced up the coronation night as the City of Cagayan de Oro searched for its next ambassador. It was a night full of glitz and glamour.

Here are the official candidates of Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2016.

01. Sherlyn Doloriel – Brgy. Lapasan
02. Rendy Mae Castrodes – Brgy. 14
03. Christian Faith Pagote – Brgy. Bugo
04. Ana Monica Tan – Brgy. Carmen
05. Toni Rose Guillermo – Brgy. 32
06. Jean Isabel Tan – Brgy. Kauswagan
07. Donita Lumapay – Brgy. Lapasan
08. Alan Marie Agot – Brgy. Patag
09. Angeliza Navajo – Brgy Lumbia
10. Geraldine Sario – Brgy. Carmen
11. Karla Estorba – Brgy. Nazareth
12. Christine Cubero – Brgy. 23

Candidate number 1 – Sherlyn Doloriel was declared as Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2016! Organized by JCI Bai Lawanen, the City Tourism, and the Local Government of Cagayan de Oro, the Ms. CDO 2016 Coronation night was held at the Limketkai Center Atrium and was attended by some of the VIPs in the city and in the country. It was hosted by Nicole Abas-Datayan, respected ABS-CBN NorthMin TV host; and Jannise Legarda.

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Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Official Candidates Introduction

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Major Awards Winners

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Sherlyn Doloriel got the 3 awards: Miss Camella, Miss Ororama, and Miss 2Go

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 3rd Runner Up Toni Guillermo got the Best Gown Creation, Miss Shopwise and the Globe Texters’ Choice.

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2nd Runner Up Ana Monica Tan was the Best in Talent, Miss Le Rouge, Miss Sanctuary, and the Darling of the Press

Miss Cagayan de Oro 4th Runner up Angeliza Navajo got the Miss Photogenic and
Miss Island Souvenir.

Candidate #11 Karla Estorba of Nazareth got the majority of the awards, 11 in total:
Best in Long Gown, Miss The Loop, Miss Deo Gold, Miss Augustus, Miss Aruga, Miss Kotext,  Miss Natasha, Best in MAGS, Miss Gaisano, Miss Stronghold and Miss Philippine Airlines.

Candidate #12 Bea Cubero was awarded Miss Spruce Pinked.

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Long Gown Competition

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Swimsuit Competition

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Top 5 Final Question and Answer

The Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2016 Top 5 were asked with the final question: “If you were not residing in Cagayan de Oro City, which city would you prefer to be a resident of and why?”

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Winners

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 is Sherlyn Doloriel of Brgy. Lapasan
1st Runner-up – Alan Marie Agot of Brgy. Patag
2nd Runner-up – Ana Monica Tan of Brgy. Carmen
3rd Runner-up – Toni Guillermo of Brgy. 32
4th Runner-up – Angeliza Navajo of Brgy Lumbia

Videos credits: Cagayan de Oro Today

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