Dulaang Atenista presents Tony Perez’ “Sa North Diversion Road”

Superb storyline, brilliant actors and jaw-dropping lines. These are only a few adjectives one can describe after watching Tony Perez’ “Sa North Diversion Road” presented by Dulaang Atenista, an XU Theater group.

The play revolves around a couple having marital problems delivered in different styles, emotions, accents and diverse possibilities. It can make you laugh so hard, cry and a lot of realizations about the married life. The title “Sa North Diversion Road” was derived from the only setting of the play which is the North Diversion Road.

Tony Perez - Sa North Diversion Road

Tony Perez’ “Sa North Diversion Road” will run from November 24-26, 2014 (3:00 PM and 7:30 PM) at the Xavier University’s Little Theater. Admission is totally FREE! Bring your friends and you’ll be amazed on how the actors call pull off an hour and a half of emotional circus plus the long lines.

This play is directed by Jay Rey Alovera.

Kudos Dulaang Atenista! We look forward to your improvs next year!

Special shout out to the talented Shaun Pilapil! Thanks for the invite!

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