The crispy chicken global phenomenon has reached Northern Mindanao! BonChon has finally opened its doors in Centrio Mall Cagayan de Oro with approximately 60 seating capacity and a well-built minimalist-themed store.

BonChon, meaning “my hometown” in Korean, serves Korean fried chicken that’s super crispy yet light and not greasy, with hot moist juicy meat, and sauced with its addicting soy garlic, spicy, or honey citrus glaze.

They first opened in Seoul, South Korea and has set footprints in the different parts of the globe, like New York, Boston, New Jersey, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, and 80 fast growing stores in the Philippines including Cagayan de Oro.

BonChon is committed to serving fresh innovative food at reasonable prices promising to deliver more value to its grown pack of customers “without any shortcuts”.

Thinking of what to order at BonChon? Here are your options:

  • BonChon’s world-renowned crispy chicken with hot moist meat, sauced with soy garlic, spicy or honey citrus glaze.
BonChon Chicken
  • Ricebox meals offer their world renowned chicken with rice (option to upgrade to Seoul Fried Rice) and drinks.
BonChon Snacks
  • Handheld food items such as Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Snackwich (in Double Garlic or Double Spicy) are also available if you’re in a rush.
BonChon Seafood
  • Seafood lovers can also indulge in their Fish and Chips, Crispy Squid Rice (A Recommended), and Fish Taco. Their Seafood Platter is also perfect for sharing.
BonChon Bulgogi
  • BonChon also serves classic Korean Bulgogi available in 2 ways – Beef Bulgogi Rice and their Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi Rice.
BonChon Salads
  • Salads are also available for the health conscious Higalas, you can have the Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad or their Caesar Salad paired with their House Blend Premium Iced Tea.
Team BonChon Meal
  • For groups, the Team BonChon Group Meal offers a good sampler of BonChon favorites for four: a medium chicken box, a Chapchae, choice of 2 sides, and four rice and drinks.
BonChon Desserts

To end your dining experience, desserts such as the Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt), Mango Sans Rival, Blueberry Torte, Banoffee Pies, or Crispy Crepe are your sweet options.

BonChon PH Managing Director Scott Tan

“Opening BonChon in this City of Golden Friendship brings this dream one step closer. The city’s economy is booming, and we are proud to be part of this progress. We are looking forward to offer something new to the people of CDO, the same crispy chicken that has made its mark in the international market,” says Scott Tan, Managing Director of BonChon Chicken Philippines, which pointed out that their vision to serve as many Filipinos as possible.

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