The City of Golden Friendship is still the City in Bloom, Blossom and Boom. 2013 was a year of transition for the city in the political scene. It was also the year of opportunities in terms of jobs as more establishments pour their investment in the silent but booming city. We may have been rocked by a terrorist attack last year but we still continue to be one of the fast rising cities in the Philippines.

What will CDO be in 2014?

As we open the year, more investors will pour their money in the City. Jobs in the hospitality industry will surely boom. Other than that one highlight that the Kagayanon should expect is – this is CDO’s year for Real Estate. Fast rising low rise to high rise condominiums will surely be a hit this year. This is also a good year for the tourism industry particularly the hotels in the city as CDO will be flocked by tourist going to nearby provinces. CDO’s image was supposedly built for conventions until the last year’s event but surely the city will recover.

We can’t deny the fact that CDO is destined to progress.

Higala, what is your #WOWCDO forecast for #CDO2014?

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