We now have our newly crowned Miss Kagay-an 2012, she is no other than Candidate # 11- Greanne Trisha Mendoza! How did she answer her question during the coronation night? Listen to the unedited podcast by VICMADZ [Exclusive] here – Ms. Kagay-an 2012 Question and Answer Portion.

Miss Kagay-an 2012 Greanne Trisha Mendoza

Ms. Goldilocks
Darling of the Press
Ms. Primavera

3rd Runner Up – 3 – Elaine P. Ghan

Ms. Belo Beauty of the Evening
Ms. Photogenic
Ms. Friendship
Ms. Kapuso

2nd Runner Up – 7 – Leslie P. Ghan

Ms. Ever Bilena

1st Runner Up – 8 – Emie Lou E. Yamba

Ms. Garden of Malasag

Ms. Tourism – 1 – Lovely Jane B. Estampa

Ms. Kagay-an 2012 Contestants Special Awards

Candidate #2 Sidney Taboclaon

Ms. Mags Casual Wear
Samantha’s Choice
Ms. Pink Spa
Ms. Rouge

Candidate #6 Juriel Valledor
Ms. Natasha

Candidate #4 Laurice Inosa

Ms. Avon
Ms. Nature Spring

Major Awards:

Best in Swim Wear: Candidate #4 Laurice Inosa
Best in Talent: Candidate #9 Roxinne Monterde
Best in Evening Gown: Candidate #2 Sidney Taboclaon

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