The lovely candidates in the upcoming Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2014 competition was asked if how will they make their reign memorable if ever the crown will be destined for them and we have the answers.

The candidates have gone through different activities the past few months in preparation for the pageant night and their reign. You can also follow the latest about the candidates like their Facebook Page – Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2014. The pageant is organized by the CDO Tourism Office and JCI Bai Lawanen Inc. since 2013.

Ms CDO 2014 - 01 PRINCESS GO
#1 PRINCESS GO – ” I would spend my time in the charity. I love to help people or children especially those victims of floods. I would also promote Cagayan de Oro to investors to come.”

#2 JESSICA ABINES – “I want to be remembered by people not because of who i am and what i have but its on what i did and capable of doing for others. And one of my advocacies that i really want to do during my reign is helping the less fortunate especially the children who are not able to have education. Because by doing this i can give life and courage to the younger ones who i have always believe to be our hope and our future.”

#3 ALTHEA BERNALES – ” I will do things that will leave a mark in every Kagay-anons heart. I will spend more time with the children who are less fortunate through the help of the concerned government sector. I will also focus on empowering the youth by spearheading information education campaigns on Youth Health and Development. Also, I will help save Mother Nature through simple environmental projects such as Tree Growing and Solid Waste Management. Most importantly, I will enjoy every minute of being Miss CDO 2014 just the way I wanted it to be.”

#4 RACHEL TAGAPULOT – ” Assuming that I am the new Miss CDO and being the new ambassadress of goodwill, I will do my best to influence and inspire people that each of us can make a difference. And also by conducting programs such as having a good lifestyle, and educating the youth. And I will gladly be more willing to promote our “City of Golden Friendship” in the best way possible.”

#5 NOVANMAE MARCOJOS – ” If ever given a chance, I’ll make my reign memorable by helping in promoting our city. Raise awareness about how important the education nowadays and how your lifestyle like too much partying, drinking, smoking, etc. can destroy ones life, especially the youth if you don’t manage it early and positively”

Ms CDO 2014 - 06 KOR GARCES
#6 KOR GARCES – ” I will make my reign as Miss Cagayan de Oro memorable by totally immersing myself in our community in an enjoyable and modern manner. In order to reach out to my fellow Kagay-anons, I will be physically present in public involvements such as charity works, environment activities and campus tours. Also, I will be virtually present in social networking sites thru starting community blogging and photo and video journalism campaigns regarding recent issues that concern our city. Through this, it will widen the range of the people that I can encourage and inspire and spread my message not only here in our city but also as far as the international level.”

Ms CDO 2014 - 07 ZHAIRRA BAS
#7 ZHAIRRA BAS – “I am a Nursing student and I’ve always wanted to be a part of the healthcare team ever since, and once I witnessed how people hungered for medical attention, and to make this reign memorable, I would focus more on medical missions that would benefit my fellow Kagay-anons who are deprived of acquiring medical attention by tapping organizations that support this and my very own college, I would instill in their minds that health is in within their reach.”

#8 MARJORICA BAUTISTA – “Passion and commitment to be an epitome of change symbolizing the will of God for each and every one of us. A compassionate heart and visionary towards the betterment of the people are the things I want to emulate and replicate, with these I can make my reign inculcated in the heart of a Kagay-anons.”

#9 MITSUME AGUILAR – “Uplifting others by giving hope through inspiring messages and sharing my own success story.”

#10 BEATRICE ALVAREZ –  “I feel that the best way to make an experience memorable is to make it essential. As an Ambassadress of Goodwill, I will make sure to respond, with all my knowledge and experience, to the need of our city and our fellow Kagay-anons. One year is a lot of time for a lot of fulfillments and I am always looking forward for the days to come and where Miss Cagayan de Oro will take me.”

#11 SHERRA VACALARE –  “I will engage private and public schools partnership and enjoin government and non-government agencies in forging teamwork to improve the quality of education in our schools in the City. As a teacher, an advocacy on education is closest to my heart, among many other worthwhile advocacies like tourism and law and order. With this, I would like to be remembered as the Miss CDO who brought in more youth into schools who will ensure a good future for Cagayan de Oro City.”

Ms CDO 2014 - 12  JANE MACEDA
#12 JANE MACEDA – “I will make my reign memorable by being the kind of queen that was able to to inspire, influence the cagayons to work hand in hand for the progress, development and upliftment of our city.”

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