Dibuho – the Northern Mindanao Visual Arts Congress


Dibuho is a local word in parts of northern Mindanao that means “drawing“, “a drawing of”, “an image” or “A CREATION OF”. It is a native tongue specially for KAGAY-ANON’s. Sadly this local word slowly fades as it is being replaced and forgotten the roots of our ancestors obscured by the shadow of a modern era of mixed heritage, as our origin drifts DI-BU-HO is a fitting description of the essence of this festival ART and the preservation of our CULTURE.

Dibuho is the first major arts festival in Northern Mindanao that has been organized by various government agencies, NGO’s and more. It’s an art festival for different age groups, categories, workshops, performances, ethnic presentations and a lot more promotiing arts and culture.

The art festival will run from July 8 – 14, 2012 in Cagayan de Oro City but art displays will continue to be present for public viewing.

Info Source: http://dibuho.com

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