Mommy Patch in Cagayan de Oro

Rescuing from Mosquito Bites…. Mommy Patch Anti Mosquito RESCUE Sticks are DEET-FREE, Natural & Safe + Handy & Effective.

anti-mosquito resque - mosquito repellent - mommy patch KIDS. That’s what mommy patch is all about, in a single word.

Mommy Patch was born out of the idea of protecting a child, by a mother whose love knew no boundaries.

Any mother can relate and understand this emotional bond, and any mother will embrace any ideas that will help her protect her children.

Now mommy patch is borne out of the idea of sharing one mother’s boundless version of protection to other mothers. These ideas are what comes in every single mommy patch product.

The same products that are more than the sum of their ingredients, but are extensions of motherly care, succor and protection.

Mommy Patch – the new expression of motherly love. Natural and Safe. Proudly Philippine Made.

In Cagayan de Oro, contact Joey & Inez Blanco via the Mommy Patch Facebook Page.

Mommy Patch, established in 2010, is a Manila-based company specializing in handmade, natural bath and body care products for the entire family. Our products are also available in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. Mommy Patch also was awarded by Multiply as one of the first recipients of Origination Awards. (Info and Image Source: Official Website and Facebook Page)

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